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Αργυρούπολη 164 52

Μίζα RICK'S HONDA TRX 250 EX/ 1997-2013


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  31200-HM8-003, 31200-HM8-A41(replacement)

Starter for Honda

  • Affordable starters are constructed with longer-life bearings than OEM
  • Many OEM starter motors have an unprotected output needle bearing on the outside of the output shaft’s seal; moisture can and does enter the output cap of the electric motor and follows the armature shaft to the unprotected output needle bearing, which corrodes the bearing
  • Rick’s takes the extra step of installing a double-sealed ball bearing, with the output shaft seal on the outside of the bearing in their new aftermarket unit
  • This simple application of common-sense engineering does two things: first, the outside bearing is now protected from damaging water entry, and second, the sealed ball bearing is replaceable



Βάρος 1.389 kg
Χρονολογία Κατασκευαστής Μοντέλο
Χρονολογία Κατασκευαστής Μοντέλο
1997 - 2000 Honda TRX 250 Fourtrax Recon
2001 - 2008 Honda TRX 250 EX
2002 - 2007 Honda TRX 250 TE Fourtrax Recon ES
2009 Honda TRX 250 X Sportrax
2011 - 2013 Honda TRX 250 X Sportrax

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